Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Here's our comprehensive guide to washing your equipment down for long storage winterising

- Use both of our guides to flush your engine & wash your equipment down but for the seasonal breaks follow this guide

Engine flush: Use extra emphasis on checking the water outlet runs CLEAR after use

- Fill your SALT GUARD mixer with 50mls of concentrate

- Connect your SALT GUARD mixer to your flush muffs or hose attachment

- Adjust to water setting on mixer

- Turn hose on

- Switch engine on & allow to warm up

- Adjust mixer to soap

- Run through until the mixers clear

- Keep running until the water runs out CLEAR

- Switch off engine

- Turn hose off

- Disconnect mixer & Flush muffs

Done! Now you're ready for the wash down

Wash down: We recommend a 'Long wash' if your marine craft/equipment won't be used for a longer period

- Use a pressure washer for best results however garden hose mixer will suffice

- Absolutely soak everything in Salt guard including - Trailer axles, Hull, Brakes, Fish boards, Leg/Jet unit etc

- Handy tip: If it's touched the water then SOAK it

- Leave for a little longer than usual to get the most out of SALT GUARDS active agents

- Spray down, wash away the left over foam

- SALT GUARD is designed to leave a protective coating even after you wash it down with it's combination of active ingredients & surface active agents

- Let it dry

- Cover & Store

That's it - Your equipment is ready for a break and you can rest easy knowing SALT GUARD is protecting it

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